Alias(es): LifeLaz
Identity: Public
Alter Ego: Chaim
Category: Public Service
Location: New York, NY, USA
Status: Active

He didn’t grow up with much, but that didn’t stop him from giving to others. He is Life, tirelessly and selflessly working on behalf of Manhattan’s homeless population. Minimally costumed in a mask and tie-and-jacket, he sets out every day with a backpack brimming with toothbrushes, lotions, soaps, even candy bars, delivering the smaller necessities of a life lived on the streets in a large metropolis. Raised in the Jewish tradition of leaving the world a better place than the way he found it, he was imbued at an early age with strong values of charity, courtesy and kindness, modeled for him by his Hassidic parents, who always gave to others, even when it was hard to do so. This moral code, underscored with a powerful sense of social justice, led him to his work with the homeless and disenfranchised that he found all around him, dispensing those seemingly small amenities that vitally fill in the gaps left by the NYC Department of Homeless Services.

But Life’s work does not end there. As a co-founder of Superheroes Anonymous, an organization bringing together other Real Life Superheroes across the country, Life not only seeks to reach out to those in need, he also burns with the passion to motivate others to acts of what he dubs “Creative Altruism.”

Working from the basic premise that the definition of a Real Life Superhero is someone who creates their unique persona to do good acts for others, Life believes that “Just because you are becoming something greater than yourself when you do these acts of good, does not mean you have to be wearing a mask while doing them.” The challenge, as he sees it, is to find people who are creative and altruistic—and there are, in his estimation, “tons of them”—and encourage them to express those charitable impulses in ways that may range from the subtle to the extreme, but above all, to jump in and start acting on them. And that, is what he sees as the ultimate mission of Superheroes Anonymous. As he puts it, “If I can inspire someone to do even the littlest of things to help others, and they in turn can do the same, think of how many thousands can be helped.”