Alias(es): N/A
Identity: Public
Alter Ego: Jack Brinatte
Category: Public Service
Location: Minneapolis, MN, USA
Status: Active

Vigilant and sharp, focused and cutting edge, Razorhawk is the very embodiment of his chosen persona. Still, labels don’t fit so easily on this Minneapolis, MN-based Real Life Superhero of many interests and abilities. “If I had to choose,” he says, “I’d prefer the title ‘Masked Adventurer.’ After all, I’m all about Deeds not Words.”

In 2008, after 15 years in pro-wrestling, Razorhawk sought a way to put those words into action outside of the ring in a way that encompassed both his show-biz background, and his life-long love of comic books. He found that opportunity in designing and fabricating wrestling costumes for his friends on the circuit, and Hero-Gear.org was born. The “best place on the interweb to make heroic dreams come true,” Hero-Gear.org specializes in the custom creation of battlesuits, jackets, belts, masks, templates and patches, and many in the Real Life Superhero movement became—and remain—among his cherished clientele.

But Razorhawk’s ambitions didn’t stop there.

Intrigued by the men and women who were commissioning his gear, he began to explore ways to become involved himself. “My first foray into the community was becoming the guy who was doing patrols… without actually doing patrols,” he says, “I was always trying to find ways to make myself more active in watching for crimes and looking out for people in trouble. I had always done that—and still do. But once I actually hit the streets, it just snowballed from there.” The turning point was meeting a local legendary Superhero, who befriended and mentored Razorhawk. That friendship led to his forming the Great Lakes Alliance, bringing together costumed activists from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Florida. Since its inception, the Alliance has successfully launched toy drives for Toys For Tots, as well as People Serving People, an organization dedicated to providing transitional housing for families, “to get them back into the working world, in their own homes and their own lives.”

A trip to ComiCon in 2010 sparked yet another ambitious plan for Razorhawk. Moved to near-tears by a homeless outreach effort in San Diego that united local and visiting Superheroes, he decided to take on the planning and execution of an even bigger ComiCon-related effort he dubs HOPE2011. An open invitation to “join together for fun, camaraderie and just doing good,” he hopes to lead his team on two four-hour runs to distribute as much food, water and other supplies as they can. With over 30 Real Life Superheroes already committed to attending, he hopes to draw greater attention to the human toll of homelessness. “Our goal is to help them through not only an afternoon, but whatever it takes to get these people to the next level: Off the streets and back with their families.”

Kind, creative and captivating in conversation, Razorhawk comes across as the consummate organizer, and draws his inspiration from it. “I’m spread so far over so many things—patrolling, HOPE, toy drives, family life, everyday life—I guess my greatest strength has always just been being… me.”